Smedley offers high quality practical training that is backed up with a sound theory base for good farm management. We teach our cadets to be skilled and knowledgeable farmers. Robust health and safety practices are at the core of all our learning outcomes for cadets, and we pride ourselves on our results.

Stock work

    • Working with sheep, beef, deer, horses, dogs and some dairy experience. This includes breeding, mating, handling and mustering.
    • Experience in finishing of stock using feed budgeting.
    • Understanding and treatment of diseases and injuries.
    • Experience and training in the use and training of working dogs.
    • Handling and breaking in of horses.
    • Killing and dressing of sheep, beef and pigs.


    • Experience in erecting conventional and electric fences.
    • Repairs and maintenance of both.


    • Handpiece work dagging, crutching and shearing. Yard work – dipping, drenching, vaccinating etc.
    • Chainsaw use, safety and maintenance.
    • Scrub cutting.
    • Repairs and maintenance of buildings, yards, tracks and water systems.
    • Weed and pest control.

Vehicle and mechanical

    • Experience with tractors, 4WD’s, and ATV’s.
    • Ground working experience.
    • Some experience with mechanical repairs and maintenance.

Recreational Activity


The academic component of the Smedley programme is delivered by EIT. The tuition and study material are delivered on site by our training manager. Material, assessments enrolment and moderation will be run under the EIT guidlines . Cadets who complete all academic requirements will be awarded the Certificate in Agriculture Levels 3, 4 .

Smedley Station has its own practical certificate, presented on completion of the 2-year cadetship.

Lectures and workshops are provided by specialist tutors and cadets attend Agricultural Field-Days where applicable.

Entry Information

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